And yet another year

Today I will continue my tradition of assessing my year. My new year started around 8:35ish this morning.

All and all the year wasn’t bad. There were a lot of stressful moments… Some seriously stressful moments.  Currently a stressful beginning. It also ended roughly. I had so many nightmares last night that I just finally opted not to go back to sleep. Yet there is a beautiful beginning to this new year for me. It is snowing outside. I love snow. I find it to be beautiful.

Back on track. I grew a lot this last year. I grew a whole lot. That growth was much needed after a period of stagnation. I appreciate that.

I also took a few large steps back. I rapidly grew a tightly woven wall of thorns that I am having trouble getting rid of. It will take time.

I feel this is my shortest year assessment yet. The main reason is I feel like I’m blindfolded walking across a bridge with no railing over a bottomless chasm. I feel tempted to tip over that edge just as much as to battle across blind.

This coming year will be interesting to say the least let’s see what dreams may come.

And yet another year

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