I do greatly enjoy this holiday. It seems to inspire so much hope and happiness in people. I’ve met some very interesting single serving friends on this night, had some amazing experiences, also developed tinnitus due to one NYE (great night, I drank a lot that night and was so thankful I wasn’t driving and the shuttle that took me back to my hotel had a sober driver), and so on and so forth.

It is also a night that can be very sad. Be responsible people. If you go out to drink get a cab, shuttle, or many cities provide services to get you home safe and a live. If nothing else do it for the people that you don’t know who’s lives you may ruin. Maybe children won’t see their parents again, grandparents, grandchild, friend, lover, and/or whatever. So just play safe

That all being said I will be at the dungeon I work at. Not sceneing at all tonight. I don’t scene on none dungeon party nights. Tonight is a private party held by someone else and not a dungeon party. The dungeon parties don’t have alcohol, but there will be drinking tonight.  I am still going to work for a while and then who knows what else.

So anyway everyone be safe, enjoy, I’ll probably try to throw up another post or two before the day is done.


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