Plants vs “Special” Dog

Conner, my cardigan corgi mix, is an odd creature. If it is possible for dogs to be autistic then I believe he is. He has also been my charity case. Poor dog was so beat up with parasites when I first adopted him many many many moons ago.  He has taken some pretty harsh injures over the years and occasionally becomes the slayer of house plants.

It’s not often. Months and months will go by and he is sweet and never even gives a second glance at the plants. They no longer are a thing. Just invisible to his happy go lucky world. All is in balance and right. Then one day it all goes to Hell and Conner strikes.

He will go through and defoliate and consume everything! Just devours through them all like the ravenous bugblatter beast of traal. It’s a murderous rage that fills him. The rage of a psychopath loaded down with weapons in a shopping mall during Christmas. It always happens unseen by me. The only warning sign I have are the piles and piles and piles and PILES of dog vomit all over the house.

By rights that insane little dog should be dead. In one evening he consumed three four foot avocado trees to the dirt in the pots…. No trunks even left. Just devoured them like a beaver. He then spent the entire next day vomiting it all up. There have been others. Many many others over the years.

His recent attack was on culinary herbs that I brought in to overwinter. Again it resulted in profuse vomiting. Really by the time I found out what has been done there is no use in taking him to the vet because he’s vomited up everything that was consumed. So we continue this wicked cycle over and over again. I keep extremely toxic plants out of his reach but there is only so much space to do that.

Plants vs “Special” Dog

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