Garden itch

It’s January. I start obsessing. This time of year. Plotting. Planning. It becomes a maddening task. It is all about my garden. It’s a maddening cycle. What am I going to plant? What do I need to amend the soil. Have to start ordering. Do I have everything I need… Around and around and around. So much to do and it is all so incredibly exciting.

I love gardening. This next year I have some big plans. You see I’ve been developing the past three or four years my own strain of flour corn. I’ve been hybridizing all kinds of heirloom corn varieties in places to keep them away from GMO crops. Last year was my best year yet to get the varieties mixing. It was so exciting unwrapping each cob and gazing upon the mixed colors when before I had a white variety, three blues, and a red. While it was a good year for my corn last year was my first garden since I moved back and there was also some struggles.

I’m gardening on my grandmother’s acreage and we discovered that the soil is lacking in some nutrients. So I have been amending the soil. I’ve been adding lots of eggshells, coffee grounds, ash, and bio-char. I’m also going to mix in some gypsum, blood meal, and possibly kelp. It’s stressful but at the same time so overly exciting.

I love getting my hands covered in dirt and smelling earth. Even more so I love growing my own food. I love the independence. I love the fact that I’m providing my own sustenance and life. I love providing these things to my loved ones. It’s all just very thrilling… I also just love nature and plants….

So I’m very excited about all of it. Just can’t wait. I am already plotting and planning so much… I always over plan but that’s okay. Over planning is better than falling too short of the goal.

Garden itch

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