Don’t know

Blogs are interesting things. Especially ones like I enjoy writing where I cover a wide range of topics. Each topic exposes yourself. It exposes your life. It brings forth the nitty gritty and for me helps immensely… For a while.

I say “for a while” because the same thing happens over and over again when I blog. Everyone is fascinated by it as long as it only has to do with me. As soon as it has to do with with how someone relates to me, has interacted with me, and so on I get attacked for it. Does not matter the person. And I always make the mistake of sharing my blog with those that do interact with me in person.

Friends, family, lovers, partners. It all comes down to “Why did you write that?” Because it’s my blog. Nothing I said is ever untruthful, and rarely is it ever malicious. If you interact with me and want to read my thoughts chances are you will eventually become a topic point. Yet people can’t deal with that. They think they can but truthfully no one ever has been able to. When it happens it always leaves me feeling the same way. Betrayed.

That feeling makes me want to stop all together. For this blog it happened a lot sooner. Usually it’s at the one year mark. Yet I received anger before this thing reached one month. A new record for me pissing off people I interact with in person.

So just left feeling like I should close off and keep silent. I don’t know. I’ll think on it.

Don’t know

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