Shameless Plug – volume 1

So I’m friends with many amazing writers. They are awesome awesome people and all writers need support. Everyone hears about George R. R. Martin, Stephen King, and throw any other big named famous writer here and think it’s all glamour and riches. It’s not. Most writers have day jobs. So I would like to plug some of my dear friends. If you are interested please check them out.

K.A. Stewart – She’s an amazing, and often times stubborn, woman who has great talent for crisp simple writing. Her focus is fantasy, urban fantasy and a western fantasy, you can find out about her here or if you  just want to dive into her books you can go here and her self pubbed here. Oh she is also going to be my Best Matron in my upcoming wedding.

Lela Gwenn – She’s a model, writer, fitness guru, nerdy, supports women and women rights in so many ways and during a very very dark time offered to take me in. She’s amazing all around. Her projects usually launch as kickstarters and various crowd sourcing type things. So if you are interested in knowing more about here go here, this is a comic book project she writes on, a book of her’s… She’s great.

Alice Loweecy – She is the mommy of a lot of the writers, and I cause this poor woman anxiety to no end. She also is a great lady and during a moment that I need a firm advice gave it to me. She writes mystery novels. Specifically mystery novels about an ex-nun crime fighter. You can learn all kinds of things about her here, or if you want to snatch up her books hurry over here

Maryn Blackburn – She’s a fun older lady that writes erotica. Another person that has imparted wisdom to me from time to time or simply lifted my spirits with good conversation. She’s great, experienced, and sometimes actually supports my insane antics. If you want to learn more about her you can go here or if you want to buy her hot and steamy book go here.

There are more I want to plug, and eventually will get to some other amazing authors, but for now this is a start. If you are looking for some good reading please check these ladies out.

Shameless Plug – volume 1

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