Sprouting From Seeds

It’s gardening season. I just have a few more seeds coming in and I’ll get started. But not going to talk about my garden. Going to talk about seed sprouting. Specifically saving seeds from things and sprouting them yourself.

You’ll see all over the Internets, all over gardening magazines, all over the gardening world and plant world that you shouldn’t save seeds from things because they may not be as good as the parent tree/plant/bush. But let’s think about this.

All over the world before a lot of modern practices in agriculture we saved seeds and sprouted things. We cross pollinated to hopefully create better hybrids. We failed and we succeeded. There are over 6,000 apple varieties in the world. Those came from careful selection, random mutations, and chance findings. There are over 10,000 tomato varieties in the world. All from seeds.

So why are you encouraged in so many sources not to save and replant seeds? It really comes down to profit. This ideal of keeping money flowing into people’s hands. Is there a chance you could get inferior plants? Yes. But there is also a chance you could get superior. And there is a chance you could get the exact same thing. But seed companies, want to make money so this idealism that you shouldn’t save seeds was pushed many many many years ago.

So my thoughts. Save your seeds and save some money. Create new varieties. Create more genetic diversity. It is how we keep the human food supply going.

Sprouting From Seeds

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