Want to stay young? It’s in the blood

I was reading this article here. It is talking about research done with mice where young blood infused into older mice actually rejuvenated the older mice. It talks about the triggers and all that and how they are moving onto human trials soon for Alzheimer patients. Really an interesting read. Go check it out.

Anyway so while I was reading it I started thinking about all these headlines “Man caught with children hooked up to blood pumps in his basement.”  “Shortage of young people as the elderly bleed them dry.” And so on and so forth.  All extravagant and such. But here in the USA let’s be more serious. The headlines here would actually read “Child Billionaire Almost Dies from Donating too Much Blood.” “College Kids Paying for College with Blood.” Really because we are a greedy nation.

Of course I was also having the thoughts of “Geez I wonder if I should gets some donors now?” You know start now before I’m old and have problems. Any 18 to 25 year olds that are type A blood type want to be personal donors to me? That is amusing in itself. think of the want ads. Oh the macabre humor on this could go for days.

But really I hope for promising results. Main reason is that Alzheimer’s runs on one side of my family and Dementia on the other. It’s a huge fear of mine and anything that can possibly stave it off I follow closely. So here is hoping for the blood!

I’m also a blood fetishist so makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside thinking about this.

Want to stay young? It’s in the blood